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NEWSFLASH: On March 10, 2015 I received the Endorsement from Nevada largest newspaper, the Las Vegas Review Journal, as the Best Candidate to represent Henderson City Council Ward-1.




My name will be listed FIRST on the April 7, 2015 Henderson City Council Ward-1 municipal primary election ballot as ***HAMILTON, Eddie "Eduardo"

But, first my educational background, as follows:

I have a degree is business management and financial administration. I completed the Harvard University Executive Program. I was with the Cornell University Faculty staff. I attended WSU Law School, but did not complete. 

Now, I am a conservative candidate for the Henderson Ward-1 city council seat because I want to RIGHT all the WRONG DOINGS of the past 8 years. My opponent the incumbent Gerri Schroder has been mentioned recently by the Las Vegas Review-Journal newspaper as being complicit in the insular culture of corruption, nepotism, and cronyism in city hall. Our taxpayer money has been squandered to be distributed among the un-elected highly paid city bureaucrats and friends/relatives of city council family members.  Now they want to jack up our property taxes even higher to pay for the expensive bureaucracy at City Hall.

When elected to the Henderson Council, I will implement the policy of "THE GRAVY TRAIN STOPS HERE. ALL CORRUPT OFFICIALS WILL HAVE TO GET OFF..."

This election is not about a CORONATION of a single incumbent candidate looking for a long career. It's about electing a new leadership team that is committed to a Balanced Budget and ushering in policies of reform that are anti-corruption / anti-cronyism  / anti-nepotism. We must end the very costly Big City Government so we can restore Senior citizen services and Public Library hours (both recently gutted due to taxpayer money being squandered on outrageous pay compensation, which is 80% of the city budget).

Henderson voters must have a choice in the form of a slate of candidates in the April 07, 2015 Municipal election (early voting period starts on Saturday March 21 through April 03, 2015).

This is a city wide election where voters are allowed to select a candidate representing any ward (you don't have to live in my Ward-1 in order to vote for me for City Council). You must, however, be registered to vote in the city of Henderson, NV (an upscale suburb of Las Vegas).

ATTENTION PLEASE: If you are not registered to vote in Nevada, you can do it here ONLINE by clicking on http://www.clarkcountyNV.gov/Vote (for this April 2015 primary election,  the online registration is available only until March 07, 2015. Afterwards you need to go in person to city hall in downtown Henderson on Water Street). 


...The Gravy Train Stops Here at the Henderson  Council...

I am your fiscally constitutional CONSERVATIVE candidate who will say "NO" to the upcoming property tax increase being planned by the Henderson City Council to cover budget shortfall. Spending cuts would be the most desirable way to go... 

Our city government is entrenched in its insular secretive culture of governing city hall with little transparency for public scrutiny. It has failed to produce a balanced budget in the last three years although the economy is getting better and enough tax revenue is coming in. Every time a balanced budget is submitted to the state (per NRS requirement) in May, later on in the fiscal year the city dipped into the reserves to cover another over spending situation. 

It keeps running out of taxpayer money because the managers and executives are grossly (obscenely !)  compensated. For example, the City Manager (he manages less than 1,900 employees) is paid annually + $110,000.00 more than the governor of our Battle Born Silver State of Nevada, Mr. Brian Sandoval. On the other hand, Gov. Sandoval manages 20,000 state employees but paid 0ver $100,000.00 less. What's wrong with this picture ?

The City Manager recently announced his retirement at the tender age of 49 years old and will be hauling in a total $7 million pension package for the next 38 years (courtesy of taxpayers and homeowners, many of whom have little or no retirement package in the private sector) 

Also, the City attorney  (who is not qualified for the job position, but got the job nevertheless, because he is Senator Harry Reid's son. Harry Reid who now lives in our city of Henderson, NV). The young Reid makes in total compensation about  $300,000.00 more annually or $120,000.00 more than the Attorney General of Nevada, Mr Adam Laxalt makes (BTW, the Henderson City Attorney also makes more than Eric Holder, the Attorney General of the United States).

It's worth mentioning that these high priced city bureaucrats WORK ONLY FOUR DAYS A WEEK (recently three of them sold their unused vacation time back to the taxpayers for $100,000.00 !!!). The City Council, went along with this highway robbery scheme when requested by city executives.

ALL THE ABUSES, OR CORRUPTION,  described above, are made possible over the years because of the INCESTUOUS relationship between elected policy makers ( Mayor and City Council members). It's the age old, "I scratch your back, if you scratch my back" political dirty game.

The governing body gives everything that the city bureaucrats want (in terms of pay and noxious benefits policy) and then politicians  get hundreds of thousands of campaign contributions in return, including from lobbyists managed by bureaucrats. 

Finally, City Hall recently practically gutted Senior Citizen Services, as well as public library hours from our pre-school and school children, in order to save some $700,000.00 in a phony city budget. At the same time, they established a Communication Department (some call it a Third Reich type Propaganda Ministry or Press Censorship Bureau) costing about $2,000,000.00 per year. It has 8 employees, costing millions of dollars, whose job strictly dedicated to controlling outgoing news and messages from a closed and insular culture of the city government entity (thus hiding inefficiency and corrupt practices running rampant inside an already non transparent city government operation).  Some of these Public Information Officers would be tasked with listening in on phone conversations between the Las Vegas Review Journal reporter and city employees being interviewed in the last few months !!). WELCOME TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH IN HENDERSON CITY GOVERNMENT. "Je suis Charlie ?", hardly...


IF ELECTED I WILL DO MY LEVEL  BEST TO BRING ABOUT REFORMS TO GET GOOD LESS COSTLY GOVERNMENT. The corruption, cronyism, excessive pay compensation should stop and more transparency should be the goal (by ending the insular culture of city bureaucrats) 

IN FACT, I WILL BE THE ONLY CONSERVATIVE ON THE CITY COUNCIL (currently the Mayor and the Council are uber liberal tax and spend Democrats). 

President Truman said "The buck stops here," in his office. The new city council's commitment should be " THE GRAVY TRAIN STOPS HERE." All excessively paid managers and city executives should get off the Gravy Train... 

In closing, as your constitutional conservative councilman, I will eliminate unnecessary bureucratic government regulations and permitting process, in order to stimulate growth in our local economy. I have a plan to stimulate small business growth downtown on Water Street. I'd like to develop the area as a "college town" considering the Nevada State University campus is located there.   

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EDDIE "Eduardo" HAMILTON (hat) is the Grassroots Conservative Choice Candidate for Henderson, NV Ward-1 City Council in 2015 (pictured with my Congressman JOE HECK of Nevada CD-3 in Henderson, NV, a suburb in Las Vegas Valley south side hills). 

This event was in celebration of the naming for one of the peaks on the Frenchman's Mountain in the Las Vegas Valley, MOUNT REAGAN, in honor of the Gipper's 106th Birthday in February 2014.

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