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My name on the June 10, 2014 Nevada Republican primary election ballot is listed at the very top of your voting screen as HAMILTON, Eddie "In Liberty"

As your Governor, without any hesitation and with all deliberate speed, I will VETO all bills sent to my desk by the Nevada Legislature that eliminates the current 3% CAP on your property tax annual increases, as well as any other tax increases, such as sales tax, payroll tax or the already skyrocketing DMV fee (car registration tax). Any attempt to introduce a state income tax will be met with stiff opposition. I will also veto any attempt to impose CCSS, or COMMON CORE SOVIET SCHOOL STANDARDS, on our K-12 school districts. I support real school reform, eg. by promoting more funds for kids, and not the union or the educrats. 


I am a fanatical supporter of the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, so any measures leading up to the confiscation of our guns and ammo will be vetoed.

As Governor, I am your Commander-in-Chief for Nevadans in the National Guard. I will put priority to resolve your issues. I will scrap the unwise and costly "SANDOVAL-CARE" or Obamacare Junior in Nevada ($75 million sunk cost). 

I will not give away millions of our hard earned tax dollars to non-Citizens who are  currently living here illegally. I don't support amnesty or "free American citizenship" give away program to undocumented foreigners, regardless of national origin.

To limit future taxpayers liabilities, I will CAP government employees salaries, perks & retirement benefits (applicable to both union & management/executives)

To increase TOURISM by 5 million young visitors her, as Governor I will use my pen to LOWER AGE TO 18 for admission to DJ scenes at the Dayclubs and Nightclubs (by power vested in me by the U.S. Constitution's 26th Amendment)

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EDDIE InLiberty HAMILTON (hat) is the Grassroots Republican Conservative Choice Candidate for Governor of Nevada in 2014 (pictured with my Congressman JOE HECK of Nevada CD-3 in Henderson, NV, a suburb in Las Vegas Valley south side hills). 

This event was in celebration of the naming for one of the peaks on the Frenchman's Mountain in the Las Vegas Valley, MOUNT REAGAN, in honor of the Gipper's 106th Birthday in February 2014.

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The Grassroots Republican Conservative Choice Candidate for Governor of Nevada