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EDDIE "Trumblican" HAMILTON (with cowboy hat) is a Nevada small businessman & a Nevada Original, authentic, iconic Anti-establishment, and Grassroots Constitutional Conservative Choice Candidate for the 2016 Republican contender for the United States Senate open seat.

HAMILTON is INDEPENDENT as "Ne-va-duh" -- the correct pronunciation of "Nevada" --  with plans to MAKE NEVADA GREAT AGAIN (so far jobs lost in Nevada during recession still have not been totally recovered since 2007, eight years ago...)

Eddie "Trumblican" Hamilton is a Super Fan & STRONG SUPPORTER of DONALD TRUMP for PRESIDENT in 2016.

He will be a 2017 President Trump's go-to guy in the U.S. Senate (and works hard to implement the Donald's MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN Agenda).

He will be pulling the Trump Express in Washington DC.

NEWSFLASH: On March 10, 2015 I received the Endorsement from Nevada largest daily newspaper and Media Outlet, the Las Vegas Review Journal, as the Best Candidate for Henderson, NV City Council, the 2nd largest city in the Silver State.



Name will be listed on Nevada primary BALLOT asHAMILTON, Eddie "Trumblican"

But, first my educational background, as follows:

I have university graduate degrees in production manufacturing  business management, financial budget and engineering product development procurement supply  administration. I completed the Harvard University Executive Program. I was with the Ivy League school, Cornell University Faculty staff. I also attended WSU Law School.

Years ago, I participated in the rebuilding of the great American automotive manufacturing base to make it competitive with Asian manufacturers. 

I was a member of the Teams that invented Jeep Grand Cherokee, the Dodge Ram trucks, and Chrysler Town and Country minivan. Further, I was also with those scientists who designed, engineered, and launched the Abrams battle tanks. 


 * 91% of GOPers are not happy with the direction of where the country is going. And, 75% are not happy with career politicians representing them in the U.S. Congress. Like Donald Trump, I am not politician and my "wheelhouse" is also successful experiences in business management including creating products and jobs in manufacturing.

* I want to be a President Donald J. Trump's go-to guy in the 2017 U.S. Senate

*I believe the self funding, no nonsense Donald Trump is the only American who could bring down the evil status quo Establishment gang in Washington DC. He is our Enabler, some one who comes along  only once in a lifetime...I want to be his Go-to-Guy in the U.S. Senate. In DC, I will bust thru the U.S. Senate lethargic Establishment crowd in order to Make America Great Again Legislative measures becoming a reality in 2017 session 

*I fully support a perpetual Republican Majority in the U.S. Congress (and will campaign to assure GOP majority is maintained in 2017). But, they should be high energy and not be politically correct all the time.

*For my state of Nevada where most folks work for tips and gratuities, I will push for legislation to make the 1st $40,000 of your tips earning IRS tax free !!

*As your U.S. Senator, I will ALWAYS  fight to keep THE INTERNET FREE of Big Govt

*I oppose amnesty or citizenship for foreign nationals here ILLEGALLY because that would be unfair to other would-be legal immigrants who have been waiting to come here legally. I support the Trump Wall !!

*I am 2nd Amendment STRONG, pro-life & champion of lower taxes & less debt 

* We need a constitutional Amendment to term limit all members of Congress

*We need a constitutional Amendment to balance federal budget annually

*We need a constitutional Amendment to re-confirm all federal judges every 12

years by the U.S. Senate (most of them are biased anyway and they are no longer independent as intended by the Founders. They ignore the separation of powers doctrine & often legislate from bench)

*I support the Center for Medicare services (CMS) having the ability to negotiate lower drugs prices for seniors, with the Big Pharma (just like the VA does)

*I support the "America-is-a-Fortress Doctrine", to avoid costly wars, just like President Reagan's foreign policy of no decades trillion dollars wars (thus changing America from being policeman of the world into the fire fighter). I subscribe to the Doctrine of Strategic  Restraint in our foreign policy. 

*To defeat ISIS, we must develop a multi-national military force consisting of ground troops from the 65-nation coalition.

The Arabs must start DYING for their land. We cannot continue to die and bleed for the Arabs in the Middle East.

Eleven Muslim dominated nations have agreed to form a military alliance. They, however, want a UN Resolution before invading Syria to take back ISIS HQ in Raqqa. For this we need the support of Putin's Russia as they wield a veto power over any UN resolution in the Security Council

*I will implement the INTENT of the 26th Amendment (ratified in 1973) by allowing 18 years old millennials to be admitted to Nevada and Las Vegas Strip day clubs/night clubs. The tourism impact is huge as an additional 5 million more young tourists will visit Nevada creating 30,000 more jobs, as well as $500 million in additional budget revenue (at no cost to Nevada taxpayers and will be implemented by Nevada with no new taxes).    

*I have feasible and viable plans to build a small minicar assembly plant, as well engine power train complex  in Nevada. The giga manufacturing complex could employ up to 7,000 high paying work force creating multiplier economics.

*The police needs to end their "occupation" of American minority communities and restrained from shooting American citizens at will. The Justice sentencing guideline should be reformed. 

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